Monday, September 28, 2009

"Raven as Written"

“Raven as Written”

He is before the house, and the wood
has been on the table.
One is lying, sitting between them,
and all are easy to use.

Three were crammed into many of the rooms:
"Some wine," she said, "strong voice."
I felt all the traffic, but I have nothing.
"I do not drink," I said.

While I was looking for a great curiosity,
this was his first appearance.
I opened my eyes to hear his hat:
This is the same, you know.

When breathing sleeps, it seems to speak:
Blues are green and watch.
If you were baptized and see him again,
to make bread, this is a knife.

The parties must be silent in time.
The writing, the money, no more.
The answer is that you think you cannot
shake frequently, and live in the ears.

"No, leave it. This is the answer?"
"I am, especially in this relationship."
"I do not."

This work was based on "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll (, in particular Chapter VII, “A Mad Tea-Party”. It was translated from English to Vietnamese to Icelandic to Hindi to Finnish to Russian to Catalan to Swahili then back to English, courtesy of Google Translate (, before the resulting parts were reconstituted into the form shown above.

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